Government confirms 4-month electricity low cost for users under 300 units

The Thai government confirmed a four-month electrical energy discount from May to August this year. This relief measure aims to alleviate vitality price hardship for users who eat not more than 300 models per month, with an extra 150 baht rebate per household in May for those using no extra than 500 units.
Anucha Burapachaisr, deputy presidential secretary on political affairs, stated that there had been genuine details about the one hundred fifty baht discount on next month’s electrical energy bill following the earlier payment. The Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA) stated it might adjust electricity payments without the low cost from May 14-17. MEA Smart Life or any of the 18 MEA workplaces can confirm updated May electricity bills. If a reduction has been made, the MEA will present the refund in the subsequent month.
Furthermore, the May 2023 electricity bills might be primarily based on a recording from one of many days between May 14 and June 13.
The Office of the Election Commission permitted measures to alleviate hardship and help scale back dwelling expenses, in response to the impact of power prices on electricity payments, as proposed by the federal government.
Consequently, the electrical energy low cost will proceed for 4 consecutive months for residential customers who consume not extra than 300 items per month, and there shall be an extra discount of one hundred fifty baht per household for May for these consuming no extra than 500 models per 30 days. The system will apply the low cost earlier than calculating the value-added tax (VAT).
The government’s proactive four-month electrical energy low cost and additional discount present its authorized authority to assist the public.
Last month, the decision to reduce back electricity charges from May to August was met with reservations from Thai energy activists and politicians, who argue that the move does not address the foundation cause of expensive power payments.
Invitation only accredited the gas tariff (Ft) rate adjustment, which considers adjustments in fuel costs and other variables..

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