Alleged police extortion concentrating on Burmese employee sparks concern

In a stunning case of police extortion, a bunch of men claiming to be law enforcement officials are alleged to have swindled a Burmese employee under the risk of severe repercussions. Savings happened in the Bangkok Metropolitan Region and was simply investigated.
On August 12, Athiwat Sirikangwalwang, founding father of the Fearless Step Facebook web page, investigated the incident at a food store in the metropolis district of Nonthaburi, involving a Burmese woman who claimed she faced extortion by a man claiming to be police for a month-to-month protection payment of 500 baht.
The female employee struggled to supply documentation that enabled her to work legally in Thailand, revealing she had borrowed almost 30,000 baht. She mentioned a person, claiming to be a police officer, had been unhappy about this, and had demanded to examine her work permit and passport.
After discovering her papers were still legitimate, he claimed to not understand and insisted on going to her home for additional examination. She then referred to as her agent, who had dealt with her paperwork, to elucidate the situation to the man. The agent confirmed that her papers had been indeed valid and she was legally working.
Feeling threatened and apprehensive, the girl contacted her employer and agent, who advised her to pay the man a thousand baht as a gasoline allowance for his vehicle, aiming to keep away from further issues. The supposed police officer warned her once more in imprecise threats so as to continue the extortion.
“If there’s a problem, you will encounter more troubling conditions as a outcome of we are in a position to cause a lot more issues.”

Despite paying him off, she continued to really feel fearful and apprehensive. This prompted her to ask Fearless Step for help. She explained she had been paying the so-called rogue gang a month-to-month fee for the final 5-6 years.
She had been compelled to pay a monthly extortion payment to those alleged police as she had been working with out the right documents, but even after legalising her documentation utilizing a 30,000 baht mortgage, the person continued to demand a fee. When she refused, the man threatened her, leading her to apprehensively provide the 1,000 baht gas charge as she didn’t want to create any points.
Another incident was also reported involving these two rogue males allegedly posing as law enforcement officials who had come to the store to collect a monthly protection extortion charge. The duo had been found to be one actual police officer and a police volunteer.
From additional reported evidence, it has been discovered these men have been accumulating cash from other overseas workers at an ice manufacturing facility and a automobile repair garage as nicely. Upon not receiving the extract, they might usually intimidate and threaten these staff. This has been confirmed by corroborative witnesses.
Once all proof has been compiled, a file shall be prepared and despatched to the provincial head for further investigation into this troubling matter..

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