Wall-crawler wonder: Internet marvels at Chinese girl’s super-TV viewing expertise (video)

Results of an eight year previous Chinese woman clinging to a tall wall whereas watching tv has sparked an Internet debate over her superhero-like powers, solely to be soberly defined later. As beforehand reported, the girl’s mother unknowingly shared footage of her daughter’s peculiar leisurely habits on a preferred social platform.
The video was uploaded onto Douyin – a Chinese social media platform – on July 9. The mother captured the scene from a CCTV digital camera of their lounge, displaying her daughter hanging onto the highest corner of the room while watching television, whereas her unfazed sister sat on a couch below. The incident unfolded in a composed silence that was even mirrored by the mother who later revealed that her daughter was typically “hyperactive” but never thought she’d choose to observe television on a wall.
While sharing the footage on Douyin, the mom who goes by the name @Ruxiangsuisu said…
“No one knew about her particular capability until I noticed it from the CCTV digital camera.”

As the unusual pastime surfaced on-line, it stirred a wave on social media platforms. Some amused netizens chalked up the younger girl’s wall-clinging capacity to that of a real-life model of the famous comic character, Spiderman.
They humorously suggested…
“Make certain your daughter hasn’t been bitten by a spider anywhere. If so, may as well make her a Spiderman go well with.”
“You should get her into mountain climbing. She’s undoubtedly going to excel.”
Despite its amusing enchantment, some netizens remained concerned about the potential dangers of the child’s behaviour. They argued that the younger girl’s acrobatic feat doesn’t derive from any supernatural energy, but quite her lightweight physique and the textured brick wall allowing for a firm grip..

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