Vendors in jap Thailand deny monitor lizard meat offered at market

Vendors at a market in Thailand’s eastern Trat province deny that monitor lizard meat is being offered there. This information comes after two suspects arrested in the central Suphan Buri province claimed that the reptile meat was sold to markets in Trat along the Thai-Cambodian border.
Reporters from ThaiRath visited the Bo Phloi municipal contemporary market in Trat’s Bo Rai district and located no monitor lizard meat on the market. Chicken, pork, beef and dry items had been offered to buyers.
One pork dealer and director of the market, Supis Tiengthaisong, mentioned there is no record of any merchant out there selling monitor lizard meat. Almost everyone in the district eats pork, beef, and rooster, he stated.
Supis stated, however, that he was not certain whether or not monitor lizard meat was on sale at different markets along the border since he had by no means inspected them.
A Cambodian vegetable vendor in the district, Chu, additionally informed the reporters that Cambodians don’t favour monitor lizard meat, preferring to consume pork, beef, and hen, just like Thais.
Save arrested the two suspects in Suphan Buri for trafficking protected animals on Wednesday. The authorities seized over a hundred carcasses of monitor lizards and turtles, making the largest number on record.
Authorities from the Natural Resources and Environmental Crime Division, or Greencop, and U-Thong Police Station had been notified that a home owner, later identified as 73 year outdated Mon Nerajatee, was illegally disassembling and trading protected water monitors and turtles..

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