Tragedy strikes Huai Chak Nok: Resident loses life in accident

A tragic incident occurred on the Huai Chak Nok Reservoir this week, where a resident lost his life after slipping and falling, cracking his cranium on a rock during the fall. Professional have been knowledgeable of the incident on Friday, April 28, on the reservoir near Thung Klom Tanman.
Upon arrival at the Huai Chak Nok scene, emergency responders and information teams discovered the body of 53 year previous Kanchit Boonsri, a neighborhood tree trimmer who had become submerged in the water. His physique was caught beneath a rock weighing approximately a hundred kilograms. A backhoe was employed to remove the rock before Kanchit’s body might be retrieved from the Huai Chak Nok reservoir. A severe wound was observed on his skull.
Nookan Puangmala, also aged fifty three, informed news groups that earlier in the afternoon, he and Kanchit had been working together, cutting tree branches in the neighborhood. Once that they had completed their work, they walked over to satisfy an unidentified teenager who had been accumulating shells on the time.
While within the shell collecting area, Kanchit abruptly slipped and fell into the Huai Chak Nok. During the autumn, his head collided with a large rock and became pinned beneath a second, heavy rock.
The information of the tragic death was relayed to Kanchit’s family, and his body was transported to an area temple to arrange for the final rites. Such accidents spotlight the potential hazards and dangers that may occur when carrying out daily actions near reservoirs and locations like Huai Chak Nok.
Last month, the Huai Chak Nok reservoir skilled another tragedy, similarly underscoring the dangers of water-related activities that will seem innocent on the surface. It is crucial for those participating in outdoor activities close to our bodies of water to exercise additional vigilance and cling to security precautions, to keep away from such heartbreaking incidents..

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