Tiktok user’s gorgeous story reveals funeral fiasco: The ‘not-so-dead’ elderly man

In a fascinating twist of events, a TikTok person, going by the deal with ‘Sellpae phopping,’ shared a exceptional tale of an aged man who was mistakenly believed to be lifeless and had an already planned funeral. However, the story took an surprising turn when it turned clear that it was all a misunderstanding. Despite going through numerous challenges after a severe motorbike accident, the aged man surprisingly defied the odds and survived.

Udom, the video creator, shared the unusual story of funeral preparations that began after the elderly man was involved in a bike accident on Saturday, July 15, resulting in substantial unconsciousness. He was quickly treated at a hospital, supported by a breathing machine and administered first-aid. Despite Hilarious , the person stayed unconscious because the incident, spending three days beneath hospital care.
The household was informed about the excessive medical costs, with medical insurance coverage totally utilised. They had been left with a tricky determination: To proceed the costly treatment or let the hospital remove the respiratory equipment. The latter possibility implied to them, possibly because of a misunderstanding, that the person would instantly cross away.
As the household deliberated over the troublesome choice, preparations for the funeral commenced back at house in Surin province. In the meantime, Udom, residing in Chon Buri, was contacted to return home urgently. He arrived to find a tent arrange, meals organized and even a coffin in place, only to realise that the old man was nonetheless alive beneath the continued care of an elderly lady, reported KhaoSod.
The misunderstanding appeared to stem from a scarcity of clear communication between the individuals at house and people overseeing the man’s hospital discharge. He was given about six hours to reside by the ambulance employees who brought him house. As of now, the man continues to breathe however has not regained consciousness, surviving on water alone whereas being cared for by the elderly lady.
The prepared funeral arrangements have been cancelled and every thing rented was returned. The family decided to let time take its course, keeping shut watch over the man’s condition. They hoped for a miracle, for him to regain consciousness and energy. Udom expressed empathy towards the elderly lady, constantly beside the person, capturing the poignant state of affairs on digital camera..

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