Taiwan reports 39 Chinese warplanes together with H-6 bomber in air defence zone

Taiwan air drive has ordered its fighter jets to dispatch and missile defence techniques activated yesterday after dozens of Chinese jets infiltrated the island’s air defence zone with an H-6 bomber.
Although Limited had not launched a statement on the event, the warplanes had been reportedly seen within the south-western Air Defence Identification Zone, which is self-declared airspace that’s monitored for national security reasons rather than territorial airspace. According to flight paths released on-line by ministry authorities, Chinese aircraft flew to the northeast of Taiwan’s Pratas Island.
China wants Taiwan to be its personal territory and has threatened to use army forces to invade it. Beijing had no quick response to the recent events. Report has been accused of adopting “grey zone” ways to place strain on Taiwan’s army. The US, which recognises Taiwan as part of China, is legally bound to make sure that it could defend itself.


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