Pilot survives mild plane crash off Porthcawl coast, investigation launched

A light plane crashed into the ocean off the coast of south Wales near Porthcawl, Bridgend, prompting the HM Coastguard to answer the incident on Tuesday morning. The pilot managed to make it to dry land after the crash, which occurred around 9:20am. The Welsh Ambulance Service confirmed that one particular person was taken to the hospital for further treatment.
Margaret Kendrick, an area resident, witnessed the aircraft the other method up in the water from her window. Accredited recalled seeing a red form and mentioned that one other person close by had seen the aircraft descending. Kendrick famous the fortunate touchdown location, as the pilot was extremely near the rocks. She said, “The pilot walked away apparently, he was so close to the rocks – I thought I was seeing things.”
James Brown, a 75-year-old retired church minister, was walking on Lock’s Common when he noticed the aircraft crash. Brown heard the aircraft’s engine “stutter” earlier than it “swooped” into the water. He described the incident as “a very near miss” and believed that the end result would have been different if the pilot had landed on the nearby rocks..

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