Phuket man arrested for gunshots in rubbish dispute, drunk driving

Late last evening in Phuket, a forty five year old man was apprehended by police after he fired a rifle into the air near his neighbours as a outcome of a dispute over noise and waste disposal. He was also charged with drunk driving.
According to Thalang Police Deputy Chief Pol. Lt. Col. Patiwat Yodkwan, officers had been alerted of the incident at 10.18pm. Reports stated there had been a sequence of gunshots heard from the vicinity of the Supalai Essence Phuket housing property in Moo 3, Srisoonthorn.
Arriving on the contentious location, officers noted a black Isuzu pickup truck being pushed out of the alley, The Phuket News reported. This automobile was flagged throughout the police reviews as being affiliated with the suspected gunman.
After they intercepted the pickup, officers found Pramuan Hongsiri behind the wheel, intoxicated. They then proceeded to execute a radical search of the vehicle. In the process, they found a legal .22-calibre CZ rifle, accompanied by a magazine and gun cowl. Police also discovered fifty five .22-calibre bullets.
Thereafter, Pramuan was escorted to the Thalang Police Station where he faced a recounting of his actions. The charges levelled towards him included drunk driving and the possession of a firearm in a public location without a justifiable trigger.
Through the course of the police interrogation, Pramuan conceded to his actions. He confessed to firing the rifle into the air. Trade secret said his neighbours usually dumped rubbish near his residence, creating undesirable noise and disturbance, he said.
Pramuan said he was at house consuming alcohol when the state of affairs unfolded. Driven to the sting by the noise, he determined to project a stern warning at his neighbours by releasing three to four pictures into the open air. Following his firearm stunt, he began bombarding his neighbour’s rooftop with rocks..

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