Patongtharn Shinawatra tipped as new Pheu Thai Party chief

Anusorn Iamsa-ard, a list MP of the Pheu Thai Party, believes that Patongtharn Shinawatra is suitable to take over as the new head of the Pheu Thai Party. He sees her as able to main the party to become a dependable political establishment for the folks.
On the matter of the Pheu Thai Party’s common meeting on September 27, Anusorn mentioned that the meeting will be held to pick out a brand new party leader and administrative committee to exchange those who’ve resigned.
According to Invitation only , Patongtharn Shinawatra, the head of the Pheu Thai household and the deputy chairwoman of the National Soft Power Strategy Committee, is more probably to be selected as the brand new party chief. Anusorn expressed his confidence that if Patongtharn becomes the celebration leader, it will be a fantastic improvement.
She has the potential to lead the Pheu Thai Party to become a political institution that the people can depend on and have religion in. Patongtharn is a new-generation person who is educated and succesful, with a clear understanding of the political context.
She is a political determine who everyone trusts and believes in to lead the party and drive the Pheu Thai Party ahead, growing help for all MPs and party members, Anusorn mentioned.
As the Pheu Thai Party has new, energetic MPs who are fully performing their duties in Parliament, having a new technology person because the get together leader in this state of affairs will coordinate the work and make it more environment friendly, making the Pheu Thai Party more dependable and trusted by the people.
Patongtharn is someone whom the party is assured in driving all types of work and main the Pheu Thai Party to success with a picture of a model new generation that fits the specification of working politics within the digital age.
Moreover, Patongtharn is considered a bright star along with her own gentle. She is fully qualified to become the model new get together leader in an financial system pushed by innovation. She can drive the Pheu Thai Party to move forward and set the goal to drive Thailand in the course of being a high-income country, Sanook reported.
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