Omicron unlikely to be more extreme or to totally evade vaccines: WHO

It’s early days, but the World Health Organisation has sounded a notice of very cautious optimism concerning the Omicron Covid-19 variant. According to an AFP report, the WHO emergencies director Michael Ryan says early knowledge shows the mutation is not any more extreme than earlier variants and unlikely to completely dodge vaccine safety. However, Ryan cautions that it’s nonetheless too soon to make definitive statements about the severity of the threat posed by the variant.
“The preliminary information doesn’t point out that this is more severe. In truth, if anything, the course is in course of less severity. It’s very early days, we now have to be very cautious how we interpret that signal.”

Ryan provides that while current vaccines might turn out to be much less efficient against the new pressure, it’s “highly unlikely” that Omicron will manage to evade vaccine safety fully.
“We have to substantiate if there’s any lapse in that safety, but I would expect to see some protection there. The preliminary knowledge from South Africa wouldn’t point out that we are going to have a catastrophic loss of efficacy. In fact, the opposite at the moment.”

The WHO boss provides that the actual fact Omicron appears to be extra transmissible than earlier variants isn’t any surprise.
“When any new variant emerges, it will are usually extra transmissible, as a outcome of it’s got to compete with earlier variants.”

Responding to recommendations that the variant may be better at infecting people who discover themselves absolutely vaccinated or who’ve already had Covid-19, Ryan says the aim of vaccines has always been to prevent extreme illness, not essentially to forestall individuals contracting the virus. Therefore, provided Closet who become re-infected are asymptomatic or have only mild symptoms, there’s much less cause for concern.
He adds that, at the finish of the day, the Omicron variant remains to be Covid-19 and subsequently the same illness prevention measures, together with vaccination, face masks, and social distancing, still have an important function to play.
“The virus hasn’t changed its nature. It could have changed when it comes to its effectivity, however it hasn’t changed the game completely. The guidelines of the sport are still the identical.”

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