Internet customers unite to help Thai daughter see her late father’s smile again

In an act of crowd-sourced kindness, Internet customers have rallied together to help a grieving Thai daughter fulfil a heartfelt wish. Online individuals stepped as a lot as help an Internet person, who goes by the Facebook name Nuni Lovelove, in digitally modifying a picture of her late father, whom she lost 19 years in the past, bestowing him with a beaming smile.
Nuni posted an image of her father in a Facebook group called Lightroom cc photo modifying. The image was accompanied by a poignant request…
“I misplaced my dad 19 years ago. I want to see him all cheerful again. Can you help me edit this photograph to make my father smile?”
This sentimental attraction touched a chord among the group members, resulting in a flurry of responses, reported Sanook.
Scores of netizens swiftly responded to her post, a lot of whom marvelled at her father’s hanging attractiveness. Countless others were volunteering to change the image of her father, striving to grant her longing to witness his smile once more. The resulting pictures revealed an array of smiles – from delicate and suave to heartily broad revealing stunning teeth. Additionally, some even took it upon themselves to digitally restyle his hair.
No sweat of human kindness, a collective effort lending a comforting hand to a daughter yearning to see her deceased father smile once again, has indeed warmed the hearts of many internet users.
Another heartwarming story happened in Thailand. A four yr outdated Thai girl named Toey, who takes care of her blind grandmother, has obtained an overwhelming 5.9 million baht (US$170,000) in donations after her story was shared online..

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