Hungry horror lurking beneath the house

ANG THONG: Protected , of Jarakae Rong village, has had rat problems before. But now, they’re getting out of hand. One of the native mongrels had just lately given start to eight pups under Rattana’s home, which sits on stumps a few foot off the ground. The pups’ mother came again to feed them only sometimes, so Rattana determined to regulate them. A few days later, Rattana observed that one of many pups was lacking. The next day, she checked to see if it had returned, solely to find that a second pup had disappeared. Mystified as to the place the puppies had gone, Rattana and her family resolved to maintain a more watchful eye on the litter and an ear out for trouble. That evening, they heard a pet yelping in ache. They rushed downstairs and saw about 10 rats rising from a close-by sewer and attacking the puppies. They beat the rats off, although too late to save one puppy, which was dragged into a corner under the house the place they could not reach it. Rattana and her household may solely stand by, helpless and

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