Earthworm spa trend raises health issues: Expert digs into risks

A health expert raised considerations relating to the rising recognition of an earthworm spa, citing potential risks of contamination within the body’s system.
The earthworm spa went viral on a Thai social media platform recently. It was said that putting the earthworms on completely different components of the pores and skin offered a quantity of health advantages, such as making the body relax and growing the moisture and smoothness of the skin.
The Director of the Natural Farming R&D Centre of Maejo University in Chaing Mai, Arnat Tancho, is an skilled on earthworms. How-to expressed his opinion on the spa stating it’s possible to use earthworms to assist well being recovery and restore however highlighted essential considerations that each spa operators and patrons have to be aware of.
Arnat advised ThaiRath that earthworms might probably introduce dangerous germs into the body, resulting in systemic contamination. He elaborated that the worms host an array of over 500 microorganism species inside their bodies.
While some of these microorganisms provide benefits, others pose dangers to human well being. The act of earthworms’ respiration by way of their pores and skin entails mucus, which incorporates many microorganisms capable of endangering human well-being.
Arnat beneficial people who were thinking about getting an earthworm spa to make certain that they didn’t have any open wounds that could facilitate germ entry into the body. Moreover, folks with health points or compromised immune methods are strongly suggested to avoid the spa.
Arnat said that a variety of the research carried out beneath his supervision revealed that some compounds in an earthworm’s mucus can nurture the skin. However, the compounds can be utilized only after they are cleaned because each individual has a definite immunological profile.
Arnat emphasised that the earthworm spa was not protected in any respect but it trusted each person’s discretion. He stated that it is harmful but many people didn’t report antagonistic symptoms post-treatment.
A reporter from Channel 7, Jedsada, additionally shared his expertise of getting an earthworm spa on Facebook. In the video, Jedsada seemed nervous however he still allowed the spa workers to pour more and more earthworms over his body. Watch the video of the spa course of HERE..

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