American YouTuber critisised for hiring 50 Thai police to play recreation with him

Thai netizens criticised an American YouTuber, Nathan Bartling, popularly recognized among Thai people as My Mate Nate, after he hired 50 Thai cops to take part in a sport featured in one of his new videos.
On June 17, Bartling, shared a video of a hide-and-seek recreation between his team and Thai police officers on his Facebook page and Youtube Channel. In the video, Bartling, shouted…
“I employed 50 law enforcement officials to hunt for me and my group members in the abandoned purchasing mall!”
After he completed his introduction, Bartling clarify the rules of the sport. His group had a mere 10 minutes to search out hiding spots all through the entire building whereas the cops had one hour to seek for them.
Each of Bartling’s staff members hid in different ways. One member disguised himself as a bush, one buried himself underground, one wore an authority’s uniform, and one other one hid in the wooden box. Bartling selected to hide on the rooftop.
At the tip of the sport, the police managed to search out only three members out of seven. Bartling invited the officers to affix his game again, this time with a hundred officers and police canines. However, the discharge of the subsequent episode of the collection remains uncertain because of the criticism acquired from Thai netizens.
Some requested whether or not the police joined the game during their responsibility or not. Others argued that the officers ought to remain at their police stations, out there for any emergency situations. Many condemned Bartling and the police for their recklessness.
However, many netizens believed the game provided priceless training for the officers. They mentioned it was like training for the officers. The candidate for Prime Minister from the Thai Sang Thai Party, Sita Divari, also agreed that this sport played like training for police. Sita stated…
“I spent 22.22 minutes watching this! I even cancelled all of the cellphone calls for this. It could be very thrilling like watching a live video. I had a lot of enjoyable. I consider this game as coaching for the police. I like how each officer performed the game. It adjustments their images and makes them look more pleasant and approachable. Comprehensive is good! I do not suppose it was a waste of their time. It gave plenty of benefits!”
The Commissioner of the Royal Thai Police (RTP), Damrongsak Kittipraphat, announced that both Bartling and the police officers concerned in the video would face legal consequences in the event that they didn’t acquire permission to produce the video.
Damrongsk defined that an investigation could be carried out to confirm the identities of the individuals, determining whether they have been indeed real cops. He revealed that a few of the individuals involved had been confirmed as legitimate officers.
According to the commissioner, any production company or division seeking to feature Thai police officers of their media should submit the plot, plan, dialogue, and other particulars to the RTP at least 5 days prior to commencement.
Moreover, Uncomplicated impersonating police officers, despite not holding such a position, would face a penalty of imprisonment of as much as one 12 months, a fantastic of up to 2,000 baht, or both.
Prior to this drama, Bartling can also be criticised for producing video content that imitates the well-known American YouTuber, MrBeast, or James Stephen Donaldson..

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