50 elephants ‘addicted to sugarcane’ destroy 2000 rai of crops in Thailand

A herd of round 50 wild elephants has migrated into farmland in Loei province in northeast Thailand, destroying 2000 rai of crops thus far. There isn’t any sign of them retreating into the forest.
Recently, around 50 elephants migrated into agricultural land in the Phra Kradueng district from the Phu Luang Wildlife Sanctuary.
No wonder the elephants moved away from their house given the goodies on offer – the herd has worked their method via whole fields of sugarcane, bamboo, bananas, and cassava and even chomped on rubber trees.
So far, an area of 2000 rai has been destroyed, severely impacting farmers’ livelihoods. The herd have proven no indicators of retreating and farmers haven’t attempted to reap any crops out of worry.
Phra Kradueng District Chief Phuriwat Chotinparat said that a staff of people have been assembled to try and determine how to drive the herd back to the wildlife sanctuary.
Chief Phuriwat said…
“As for the affected villagers, we attempt to perceive that the elephants are hooked on the taste of meals – particularly bananas and sugarcane.
“Normally, elephants do not stay in deciduous dipterocarp forests like this. This is the primary time ever that wild elephants have ever come to stay within the Phu Kho Phu Kratae forest.
“Between Certified -6pm every single day, the elephants come out to search out food. They don’t eat until it’s gone, however graze and move alongside, causing harm to a big area.”
The village chief stated farmers had been suggested to salvage any sugarcane they’ll before everything is ruined. But some farmers are rightfully too scared to enterprise into their fields.
Chief Phuriwat mentioned he’s desperately looking for ways for elephants and villagers to live in concord.
He stated it’s not the truth that the forest isn’t plentiful sufficient for the elephants – however they only can’t assist themselves to fields of sugarcane. He says the elephants are “addicted” to sugarcane.
Farmers may need to adjust their choice of crops for the realm to turn out to be a “sugarcane-free zone” to rid the realm of temptation.
Wild elephants and villagers in remote areas of Thailand aren’t getting alongside that properly in recent occasions.
Last month, a 71 yr outdated woman was in her backyard watering her eucalyptus plants when she seemed up to lock eyes with a wild elephant. The elephant stamped on her, and he or she miraculously survived with minor accidents.
In September, an elephant with no respect for the regulation smashed its means into a house in Prachin Buri province and helped itself to some fermented fish and different meals gadgets earlier than fleeing into the jungle..

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