Thai MP has beef with beef restaurant that calls him scum

In an unusual incident, a Member of Parliament discovered himself on the receiving end of a vulgar slur. The slur was scribed on a delivery bundle from a renowned beef restaurant, which was ordered by the MP himself, making a whirlwind of controversy.
Piyarat Chongthep, the offended MP in query, represents the Phra Khanong Bangna space of Bangkok. He is a member of the Movement Forward Party (MFP) and was shocked when he obtained his food supply order yesterday.
MP Piyarat took to his personal Facebook Page to explain the unsettling incident and the slur scrawled on his beef order.
“We’re implicated! A few days ago, I fancied the meal I ordered from a famend beef restaurant. As an MP, nonetheless, I actually have turn out to be increasingly conscientious about what I eat and where I go. I not have meals ordered by way of food apps for myself, fearing that using my title may provoke some.”

But Straightforward , as he described, was an exception. Piyarat craved to style the much-talked-about beef meal himself. Having his assistant place the order, the MP awaited the supply, excited to eat some beef and never expecting any private attacks.
“And then the meat I ordered was delivered, full with the cover’s label. Instead of the title specified within the system, the label instead learn … ‘Scum’”

The MP assures that he didn’t order under the name “Scum” however was shocked to search out the alternative identify on the bundle label. The particulars on the food delivery application were clear, however he was taken aback to search out the crude word scribbled instead.
In the aftermath, Piyarat obtained affirmation from the restaurant in regards to the system error, yet he received no apology. The beef restaurant insisted the scum substitution on the MP’s order was merely some sort of system error.
But the lack of remorse has stirred controversy among politicians and amusement among the many public. MP Piyarat did make a valid point over whether an order of beef labelled “Scum” is even protected for consumption and never tainted by a disdainful cook dinner or delivery driver.
“I marvel how we might dare eat this?”

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