Sabah Chief Minister urges unity for political stability and financial progress

Chief Minister Hajij Noor urged residents of Sabah, notably those in the Tuaran district, to collaborate with the federal government to take care of political stability and foster financial development in the state. He emphasised that steady cooperation and assist from the folks would allow the federal government to focus on ensuring progressive improvement throughout the state.
Monetize , who can additionally be the Sulaman assemblyman, highlighted the necessity for upgrading various infrastructure initiatives, similar to neighborhood halls, water and electricity provides, and roads in villages. He assured that plans and allocations for these initiatives are being organised, and he’ll pay attention to the problems affecting not only the Tuaran district however the entire state.
Speaking at the Pesta Kaamatan Suang Olung 2023 in Kampung Selupoh Tuaran, Noor expressed his happiness to be with his constituents, whose welfare is always close to his heart. He thanked them for his or her unwavering support and acknowledged the importance of the Kaamatan Suang Olung celebration, which unites 11 villages and exemplifies the strong spirit of unity and tolerance throughout the community.
Noor hopes that the spirit and energy demonstrated within the celebration will continue to be ingrained in the neighborhood, driving socio-economic enchancment and shared prosperity. He identified that this year’s Kaamatan theme, ‘Kaamatan Cultivating Unity’, calls for folks to work collectively to preserve and improve unity, tolerance, and a sense of belonging.
The Chief Minister explained that the Kaamatan Festival, celebrated yearly by the Kadazandusun Murut and Rungus (KDMR) neighborhood, is a cultural inheritance from their ancestors. The festival not only expresses gratitude for an excellent harvest but in addition supplies a chance for relatives from numerous tribes to gather and strengthen ties..

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