Police seize deadly weapons cache in Chon Buri

In the newest chapter of the firearms crackdown saga unfolding in Chon Buri, the native regulation enforcement authorities efficiently seized bundles of lethal weapons and ammunition from a Thai national who had a penchant for brandishing his arsenal on social media. However, the suspect gave the police a slip by swiftly disappearing into a nearby patch of woodland.
This operation of the anti-weaponry campaign was set in the Nong Pla Lai sub-district, inside the boundaries of the Banglamung district, positioned in Chon Buri province. After acquiring a court-backed search warrant, the police carried out a sudden raid on a residential building at present. The suspected firearm collector who lived there had been caught flashing his guns on Facebook, prompting this brazen move by the police.
Despite their stealth, the police’s presence didn’t escape the homeowner’s notice as he arrived back house. The man, later recognized as Watchara Kamjam, a nationwide of Thailand, seemed to sense hazard and immediately bolted from his abode to the surrounding greenery before the police may nab him. Despite splitting up and giving chase, the police were outsmarted by Watchara’s superior knowledge of the world.
Undeterred by the suspect’s profitable escape, the police decided to press forward with their search, uncovering an alarming stockpile of weapons inside the house. This included two Glock 19 handguns, considered one of which was 9 millimetres in calibre and the other 11 millimetres, a Remington 870 shotgun, numerous rounds of ammunition for both handguns and the shotgun, a pair of bulletproof vests, and an array of gun components.
Last chance was present in the course of the search, and the police are trying to steer her to coax him into surrendering. Yet, they didn’t reveal her identification to the press..

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