Police in Central Thailand raid party, arrest 220 teenagers

Police raided a big celebration in the central province Saraburi and arrested 220 youngsters yesterday for violating Covid-19 prevention measures. Officers say they raided a popular leisure venue that has been shutdown for years, but the area has been used illegally for underground events.
After an anonymous tip, the Nong Khae Police suppression group searched the venue, and located a large group of youngsters consuming alcohol, enjoying loud music, and dancing. Officers say additionally they discovered medicine at the scene. The giant gathering, together with no social distancing and mask carrying, violates Covid-19 prevention measures.
The anonymous tip got here from somebody in the area people who was concerned that a large celebration would result in a neighborhood Covid outbreak, the police say. Both the Covid-19 guidelines set by the Saraburi authorities and the federal Emergency Decree strictly forbid massive gatherings, especially involving alcohol as people who find themselves intoxicated are less prone to follow illness management measures.
Police say they seized several types of drugs, together with ketamine and crystal methamphetamine, and likewise discovered some illegally imported digital cigarettes. Bonus plan to drug take a look at the teenagers that they detained, and prosecute accordingly. The teenagers may all face some sort of punishment for breaking the Covid gathering guidelines, as properly. It was not reported if the partygoers would even be examined for Covid whereas detained.


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