MEA says electrical wires seen in Crowe tweet are not theirs

While Russell Crowe’s tweets whereas filming his new movie in Thailand caused a stir on Thai social media, successful praise from PM Prayut Chan-o-cha and Phuket Sandbox authorities, one group was not nearly as enthused about his posts. The Metropolitan Electric Authority in Bangkok launched an announcement defending itself after Crowe posted a photo captioned “Bangkok Dreaming” that depicted Thailand’s notorious jumble of sparking electrical wiring.
The publish had garnered tons of responses and retweets with the hashtag “Welcome To Bangkok” trending, although many supposed the greeting to be backhanded. The picture was used to simultaneously welcome the actor while delivering barbs to the poorly managed electrical grid and infrastructure of Thailand.
The MEA in Bangkok weren’t amused. Protected posted a response to the tweet and especially the negative comments by Thai folks. In Dollar , they claim that the tangle of cables seen in Crowe’s tweet was not beneath the authority of the MEA.
They say that the wires are, actually, not even electrical or power cables. They didn’t clarify what the wires had been for or who’s responsible for them. The assertion vowed that the MEA takes security very seriously and that any issues or issues with electrical wires or power cables ought to be handled by promptly contacting the MEA directly..

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