Man arrested over 2 day old toddler abduction from hospital

A man was arrested for abducting a two days outdated infant from a hospital ward in Nakhon Pathom province. The wrongdoer, 40 12 months outdated Nun, arbitrarily chosen the hospital and stole the infant with intentions to raise it himself. During a detailed home search, he claimed innocence and expressed regret to the newborn’s household.
Yesterday, the investigation unit of Bang Len police arrested the suspect in connection with the kidnapping of the toddler from the hospital. The arrest occurred in Nun’s residence in Moo 6, Hin Moon Subdistrict, Bang Len District. The investigation process, which took over two hours, concerned thorough proof gathering at the accused’s property.
Nun agreed to an interview, stating he left house at 3am on August 13. He focused the hospital randomly, hoping to search out the kid of an ex-girlfriend who had damaged up and married another person. Seeing the infant, he determined to take him from the hospital and raise him himself, asserting he had no harmful intentions.
He firmly claimed he didn’t abuse the child. The bruises, he advised, had most likely occurred when he put the baby right into a handbag and hung it on a bike whereas travelling.
Regretting his actions, Nun apologised to the infant’s dad and mom. He also addressed the topic of a 60,000 baht transfer that got here beneath scrutiny when an eight month old boy disappeared previously. He asserted that this money was an funding return from buying a quantity of funds. Denying any involvement within the different incident, he persistently affirmed the cash by no means reached his bank account.
Uncharted of Bang Len Hospital, Dr. Kamollak Jindatatirat, expressed his apologies for the infant disappearing. He posited that the perpetrator must’ve surveyed the world properly, because the hospital had already carried out commonplace safety measures. To bolster safety, the hospital now plans to implement stricter rules to avoid related conditions sooner or later.
The hospital is actively addressing mental health needs of the distraught dad and mom and childcare for the infant victim at Nakhon Pathom Hospital. Reports indicate the toddler is out of danger despite some facial bruises, skull marks and diarrhoea, likely from inappropriate packet milk feed.
The hospital will proceed to care for the infant till his condition turns into secure, upon which they will hand him over to his dad and mom..

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