CIB arrest Phuket man for on-line scam they’ve tracked since 2022

Thai police have taken into custody a neighborhood man in reference to a number of on-line scams, the Royal Thai Police’s Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) shared in a media replace.
The arrest happened on Freedom Beach in Phuket, as the CIB disclosed by way of a post on its official Facebook web page. Although the detailed report kept away from stating the family name of the arrestee, he was identified as Ekapol.
The bureau had previously initiated a probe earlier in 2022 following quite a few victims reporting to the Tao Poon Police Station, positioned in Bangkok, and filing official complaints. The victims reported being ensnared in a money-spinning funding scheme that, much to their dismay, turned out to be an internet scam. The monetary losses borne by the traders climbed to a quantity of hundred thousand baht.
The exact timeline of when CIB took over the reins from their counterparts at Tao Poon Police Station is but to be revealed. But it was the CIB’s officers that led the arrest at Freedom Beach.
Once he was arrested and in custody, Ekapol confessed to opening two bank accounts on behalf of a “friend” originating from Myanmar. For this service, Ekapol reportedly acquired money compensation of solely 2,500 baht for each account.
But Thai media outlets are questioning if he actually had such minimal involvement in the on-line scam. Unsung have suggested that Ekapol was merely playing dumb and pleading ignorance concerning the particulars of the rip-off. They suspect he’s pretending to have solely opened the financial institution accounts for a “friend” and claiming his involvement within the crimes stopped at the meagre 5000 baht payout..

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