Chaiyaphum double homicide: On the run security guard finally apprehended after deadly taking pictures

An investigation into the deadly capturing of two folks in Chaiyaphum province is at present underway. A 54 12 months old security guard is believed to have acted out of spite, utilizing a .38 calibre handgun in the grizzly event that unfolded on July 30. The victims are identified as seventy two yr previous Wicha, his brother-in-law, and 31 year outdated Phongthorn, a temporary worker.
Upon committing the deadly taking pictures, Sukchai swiftly escaped the scene on a Yamaha motorbike, steering his method by way of the winding roads in course of the local highway department the place he knew Phongthorn was working. Following Extraordinary capturing, Sukchai sped off in direction of a nearby sugarcane area to evade the police.
The deadly capturing happened on Sunday night time, July 30, and since then, the police have made relentless efforts to apprehend Sukchai, who has remained elusive. After committing the fatal capturing, Sukchai retreated into the sugarcane field for canopy. CCTV footage spotted him within the Wang Chomphu area in Chaiyaphum, shopping for food before retreating to the sugarcane field—this happened roughly on July 31.
While the search was underway, officers found an ammunition box filled with over forty .38 rounds in a farm hut, which they believed belonged to the perpetrator. The gadgets had been seized and examined. The resistance continued till this morning when Sukchai switched on his mobile phone allowing the police to hint his location to Chiang Saen district, from where he was attempting to flee to neighbouring countries, reported KhaoSod.
This heightened the urgency of the matter and the Chaiyaphum police head officer Watnachai Monkhirarat and the Chaturat district police station head officer Atit Chatchairattanawet coordinated with The Thai Highway Patrol and the Chiang Rai Provincial Police in securing the surrounding areas and additional intensifying the search. They additionally persuaded Sukchai’s family members to deter him from escaping additional.
Understanding the threat posed by the suspect, who was recognized to be armed, officers allowed Sukchai to journey to Bangkok, suspecting he intended to surrender there. The officers discreetly adopted his journey until they noticed him alighting from the bus at the Mo Chit Bus Terminal, the place he was detained..

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