6 warrants out for demise of 1 million swiftlets, theft of bird’s nest

Six arrests have been made in reference to the stunning story last month of caves raided in Phatthalung where 1 million swiftlets had been killed and their useful birds’ nest plundered. Swiftlets, in contrast to different birds, make their nests completely out of their own saliva which has been prized, especially in Asian culture, as a therapeutic delicacy.
Authorities estimated a 5 billion baht loss over the demise of nearly 1 million swiftlet birds and the destruction and theft of their priceless nests. Gift of Special Investigation was called in to unravel the plundering of caves where the Siamnest company have unique authority to gather nest and keep the caves.
Now the Phatthalung Provincial Court has issued arrest warrants at present for four civilian suspects as nicely as 2 suspects that are territorial defence volunteers. The six people will face charges for the dying of the swiftlets as well as the theft of the prized nests.
They are accused of amassing the bird’s nest on the islands without permission within the area completely controlled by Siamnest. They may also face additional costs as swiftlets are a protected species, so threatening their habitat and lives might carry harsher penalties.
Officials say they’re nonetheless accumulating proof and intend to request arrest warrants for 7 different people suspected of also stealing the swiftlets bird’s nest on Koh Ha and Koh Si islands..

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